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Building Cloud Solutions That Work

Cloud Applications + Enterprise Solutions

By working with us you can transform your business applications with the latest cloud technologies. Our clients have saved $10s of millions in their cloud journey, and you can too.

Cloud Applications

Enterprise Solutions

Modern cloud application delivery is essential to a well organized company.

Build secure applications that align with the needs of all stakeholders.

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API Microservices

Our team has extensive experience in building API-centric Enterprise applications. Accelerate your digital transformation with API services that enable faster innovation across the organization.

Robust Enterprise microservices

Microservices power your cloud applications, making it easier to deploy business value faster.

Full lifecycle API management solutions

We have helped multiple companies develop robust API management best practices that best fit their needs.

On-premise to cloud migrations

Safely and effectively migrate your on-premise data to a secure, easier to manage cloud infrastructure.

Enterprise Architecture

A solid architectural design can yield millions in cost-savings and reduce technical debt in the long run. Our principal architects, together with our team of experienced cloud developers, bring together years of experience at mid-market and enterprise companies.

Get in contact with us and see how you can protect your company's future through better designed cloud architecture.

3 Main Selling Points

3 Main Selling Points

3 Main Selling Points

Serverless Applications

We believe serverless applications are what Cloud was meant to be. It's time to refocus your organization around business outcomes instead of infrastructure to deliver business value to your team and customers more quickly.

Our experience in delivering Serverless API platforms in enterprise environments has shown that serverless solutions, when properly designed, can meet the security and scalability needs of a large-scale deployment, while yielding tremendous cost savings.

What we've built (some of it)

Salesforce Integrations

Salesforce integration services enable seamless connection of Salesforce solutions to your other business-critical systems. Aureum helps companies solve integration challenges and build cost-effective Salesforce integrations.

With Salesforce you can:
  • Connect all departments and customers together better.
  • Automate end to end business processes.
  • Enable your sales reps to access functionalities faster through Salesforce interface.
  • Get a 360-degree customer view whilst delivering a improved customer experience.

API-Centric Data Hub

It is  important for data exchange to work seamlessly with other key applications allowing the frontend and backend of your business to communicate.

An  API-Centric app is necessary because modern day businesses use multiple applications with different interfaces, using a single application we help to easily connect them all.

To do this at scale, you need to include the power of the cloud. When you leverage cloud, you may have concerns about application security. Aureum helps you overcome these threats taking a security first approach.

Event-driven architecture for real-time data insights

Legacy architectures often use scheduled, synchronous, batch communications with pooling, creating a long response time when pulling requests and increasing resource use.

This communication model has many limitations in terms of obtaining information efficiently and securely in your enterprise application ecosystems.

The ability to respond quickly in real-time to threats and business opportunities can significantly improve customer experience and business results adding more value to stakeholders.

Use Our Expertise of Enterprise Solutions to Ensure a Successful Cloud Journey

We partner with the best technology leaders to unlock your business potential.

Unlock your cloud potential faster with Aureum.

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