Shape your company’s cloud future with Aureum

Aureum works with enterprise, mid-market companies, and publicly-traded companies with high security and compliance needs.

Not Your Typical Cloud Consultancy.

We focus on incremental value creation on your transformation journey

Aureum team of senior cloud experts is experienced in  implementing the latest cloud technologies while supporting our clients' technology, IT, and product organizations. 

We believe in building long-term partnerships that last years. Where most tech consultancies often fail to deliver value quickly, if at all, during complex cloud projects, we help our clients come up with a roadmap that results in consistent and rapid value delivery.

What we believe in


Our team works effectively together as a unit, while integrating with your teams for seamless collaboration and partnership.


We’re committed to a culture of total transparency bringing maximum value to your organization.


We stay true to your business goals. We always let our clients know when there is a shorter and more efficient path.


We always recommend a roadmap that results in a constant stream of value delivery for your business on your cloud journey.

Use our expertise of enterprise solutions to ensure a successful cloud journey

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Join The Aureum Team

We’re always looking for like-minded individuals to join our team. Get in touch for current openings.


The future of work is hybrid. Naturally, we’re happy to accommodate remote teammates.

Work with the latest cloud technology

Aureum gives you the opportunity to work with the best cloud technology to build innovative enterprise applications that change the way businesses interact.

Unlock your cloud potential faster with Aureum.

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